Meet Sammi


Hi, I'm Sammi!

I’m a lucky charms eating, dog loving, horse riding, Certified Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, who met her husband at age 16 in rural Missouri. I believe that small town work ethic can get you what you want, but you need support and perhaps a kick in the ass along the way!

Somehow you’ve stumbled upon my corner of the internet, and I’m SO happy to have you here. While you're at it, go ahead and follow me on Instagram. Some days I post insightful thoughts and tips relating to health and wellness... and some days I post more random life things because I think they’re cute or funny so I hope you can appreciate both sides.

My overarching goal of what I share on my platform is for this to be a space where you can feel simultaneously empowered and challenged to be your best self. I’m just a girl from a small town in Missouri with an affection for horses, dogs, food, and the occasional iced coffee (with sugar-free caramel if we’re being specific).

My mom is a holistic nutritionist and my dad is an OBGYN, so you’d think that I’ve always been healthy, and I’ve always had it figured out. But that’s definitely not the case.

I matured early for my age and lived my entire life as “the big girl.” When high school came around, I wanted to lose weight so badly that I did what everyone thinks is best, and I counted calories (900 a day!) and restricted my eating to very little. Although I was losing weight, I was struggling mentally.

After a traumatic break up, I spiraled into the opposite side of restrictiveness and into the land of binge eating. Mentally, I struggled, and physically, I suffered an ankle injury and couldn’t ride my horse for six months. I was out of the saddle and feeling out of control.

Have you ever felt fed up? Fed up with the situation you’re in and ready to let go of the confusion, frustration, and unhealthy habits controlling your life?

In 2015, I gained control. I stopped experimenting with every fad diet, and after I was cleared to start working out, I fell in love with lifting weights at the gym and how it made me feel. I stopped looking for the latest quick-fix, and learned about a flexible way to eat.

I was able to get back in the saddle, not only riding my horse, but also in my life.

I’m here to help women get better in the boardroom, the bedroom, or whatever area they choose, living happier, healthier, and more confident lives.

Is it time you got back in the saddle of your life?